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Collector! The first ever Chiese Coca Cola Bag –China Frenzy on Brands surged master French artist Fred Allard to create his first Chinese Coca Cola anti-uv super tanslucid polymer resin scrulpture containing a black Chanel shopping bag with Chinese Coca-Cola cans on the interior.

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Dimensions 26 x 16 x 30 in


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Fred Allard

Frederic Allard was born on May 5th, 1968 under the golden glitter of the French Riviera. At this time, France was at its full rebellion. As an only child of a atypical couple, the father being a renowned architect and mother being both exuberant as well as very beautiful.
Exposed early on to two aunts, a grandmother and two older sisters from his father’s first marriage, Fred revels in a very feminine environment, marking his childhood with feminine nudity and allure.

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