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Artists and collectors alike have lots of options when it comes to buying and selling art. Wynwood Lab makes life easier for all parties by eliminating variables that artists often lack and connecting gallerists with both artists and buyers. Here are just a few ways that Wynwood Lab helps connect gallerists, collectors, designers, and architects with art at all price ranges from blue chip to emerging art:

Online gallery exhibit that is highly promoted to buyers who are looking for works that match your specifications and style.

Provides connections that gallerist need to maintain relationships with buyers such as easily marketing artists and ensuring goods are delivered.

Emerging artists are given a chance to be featured along with education and connectivity to Wynwood Talks whether they are accepted or not.

Collectors remain anonomsys and find a well-curated online gallery from blue chip to emerging artists and leading gallerist worldwide.


Wynwood Lab guarantees the buyer that goods will be delivered in the stated size, mediums, and conditions.

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