Steven Swancoat is a 29 year old full time Ob/Gyn doctor and artist living in New York City’s TriBeCa. Steven moved to New York in July 2010 as a medical student where his father encouraged him to “give art a try”. Picking up the brush for the first time, he never imagined how his life would change forever.

In just four years as a self taught artist, he has had multiple exhibitions, made over 250 paintings, featured on Bravo Television, various magazines and raised over $21,000 for various charities using his artwork. Notably he made a commissioned painting series for Russian President Vladimir Putin and hosted a show & fundraiser with Susan Sarandon’s at her Ping Pong Club SPiN in NYC. Whom both have pieces of Swancoats work in their private collection. On top of his charitable efforts, he also resides as a board member for New York’s Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

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