Shannon DeFreitas also known as Shankipaige, was born on November 5th, 1980. She grew up in Boca Raton, Florida with her parents and five siblings. Shannon was always very creative and artistic as a child, always thinking outside the box, which has brought her to where she is today. She is a very colorful person full of a unique sense of style and character which is portrayed in her art.

Shannon is a firefighter in Broward County and has been since 2004. She knew from a very young age she wanted to help people and make a difference. Being a firefighter is a high stress job and Shannon used her love for art as a creative release from the day to day rigors. She loves being a firefighter but has an extreme passion for art which blossomed when she moved to Miami.

Living in Wynwood being centrally located in such a diverse cultural atmosphere of artists she thrived and found her artistic voice through body painting.

Shannon paints the bodies of her subjects and then collaborates with a photographer who photographs the bodies creating a unique abstract image full of color that leaves the viewer in a imaginative state of awe. She not only sells her artwork she does live interactive art shows, which you can always find her doing at galleries throughout the year and during Art Basel. For special clients she works with them one on one creating custom pieces, down to the colors and shoot loc cations they want.

No photo shoot is the same; every art piece tells its own breathtaking story, through movement and color. Due to Shannons profound love of the arts and human life, she donates a portion of her proceeds to the Give A Life Foundation.

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