What is Wynwood Lab?

Think of a 7,800 sq. ft. home showcasing the coolest products, art, and building materials in the world and you've just imagined Wynwood Lab. With more purposes than a traditional home, the Lab is home for a myriad of things and people.

The Lab


Think of a 7,800 sq. ft. home showcasing the coolest products, art, and building materials in the world and you've just imagined Wynwood Lab.



What do designers, curators, musicians, architects, artists & creatives have in common? *A place.

The Lab


Place your products within this living, breathing lifestyle laboratory and in front of thousands of luxury buyers.


The Wynwood area is all about creative chaos. It absolutely radiates imagination. Wynwood Lab draws from that energy to produce incredible original "art" in all its forms:

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    Interior + Exterior Wall Art

    From hand-cut acrylic sculptures to urban grafitti, we embrace it all.

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    Paintings + Sculptures

    World-renowned fine artists & sculptures call Wynwood Lab home.

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    High End Home Fashions

    The home decor industry partners with Wynwood Lab to experiment with new concepts.

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    Stylized products + technology

    A place where product manufacturers can test new products & concepts.

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    Music & DJs

    We always bring in new talent to perform during our events.

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    Culinary + cocktails

    A place where mixologists + chefs can bring something new to the table before adapting it in their restaurants + bars.

Escape the crowds. Check out the latest work. Kick back with your invited guests. Admire a frequently changing environment. Colaborate with like minded people.

An Incubator for Creatives

In addition, the Lab is an incubator for creative thinking, where members and guests can observe or take part in:

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    Ted Talk Like Events

    Guest speakers bring thought-provoking discussions to our members.

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    Press Conferences

    Host your next press conference within the Wynwood Lab walls for the perfect backdrop to your most important announcements.

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    Private Dinners

    From engagement dinners to holiday parties, Wynwood Lab is the hippest spot to host your most intimate of events.

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    New Product Critiques by Influential Editors

    Bring your new product concepts & show them to experts before your official launch for quality feedback.

Will Wynwood Lab change the way human beings look at art and design and therefore change the world? *Probably.

What do members get out of the Lab?

What keeps the Lab "living and breathing" is the input of creatives of all types. How do they get involved? They are either nominated by someone who thinks they can make a great contribution to this creative collective or they apply for membership. What do members get out of the lab? Other than an inspiring place in which to create and showcase their work, the opportunity to collaborate with leading artists, designers and manufacturers and a chance to connect with the most influential tastemakers & media in the world? Well, they also get access to members-only events, talks & product previews. Bring your energy to Wynwood Lab in one of several ways...

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    Guest Architect or Designer

    The lab is always evolving. If you are an architect or designer, this is your playground. Experience the complete freedom to create anything you can imagine. With sponsorship from vendors, manufacturers and suppliers providing a generous budget, the rotating resident landscape architect & designer can demonstrate his or her expertise by exploring a unique, new theme or putting a new spin on an old one.

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    Apply for an opportunity to exhibit at Wynwood Lab & show your work in Miami’s world-renowned Wynwood Arts District – especially during events like Art Basel. Wynwood Lab welcomes and supports skilled artists of all kinds: painters, sculptors, musicians, dancers, filmmakers, fiber artists, fashion designers, and more.

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    Reserve the Lab for an event

    With a continuosly evolving backdrop of inspiring original art, luxury interior design, and unique exterior landscaping, no two events at Wynwood Lab ever take place in the “same” space. Members book the Lab for everything from private parties to fashion shows to receptions, for groups ranging from a few select invitees to the entire Lab membership. If you’re looking to engage, impress, and entice an audience, look no further than Wynwood Lab.

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    Become a Member

    Enjoy member events such as exclusive dinners, fun and informative tastings, live music performances, cultural talks and Q&A sessions during art events in the Wynwood Arts District and Miami art fairs such as Art Basel.


"Wynwood Lab was created to bring artists of all types to gather under one roof with brands looking to improve their products and elevate their image through association with talented artisans," said Boyd Tasker, Wynwood Lab CEO (aka Chief Scientist) and co-founder with wife Christi Tasker (Chief Happiness Officer), the visionary and marketing guru behind Wynwood Lab. "We refer to the Lab as a 'living, breathing lifestyle laboratory' because it is constantly evolving. As a result, the brands we work with, as well as publication editors, inventory buyers, and specifiers, are continuously exposed to new ideas and new artistic executions that they can potentially utilize. It's an innovative concept - a significant departure from the typical gallery-style setting - but one that is getting a very warm reception."


Chief Scientist


Christi Tasker

Chief Happiness Officer

Erinn V


Lab Curator

David Font


Landscape Architect


Javier Cervantes

Chief Events Scientist



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